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Assignment #1

September 22, 2010

Programming Sound: Max/MSP Assignment 1

Make patch that creates three separate visual events, each sequenced in time in a specific order.  Each of these three events can be as complex as you like. Make use of whatever means you like to structure your patch, but each of the three events should happen at specific intervals, and the entire sequence should reset and loop.  Take the MIDI output of the timer tutorial as an idea for the temporal structure of the patch you should create (but your patch will use visual rather than sonic output).

Visual events could be the appearance/disappearance of text, changes (hopefully interesting ones) in any of the user interfaces, graphical objects, etc.  or drawing in the lcd object, or scrolling around in a quicktime movie. Experiment with ideas like using a bank of sliders as a visual element, or drawing in the LCD screen, etc.

Structure the patch using either metronome and counters, or the transport object, using conditional statements (comparison objects) and select and trigger objects to trigger your events at each time.

Try to create one section of the patch that controls when things start, and a separate section of the patch that controls each of the three(+) events.

Patches will be shown in class next week & turned in (via email to Kyle)


Interface rescaling assignment

September 15, 2010

Here is a photo of the assignment patch I showed in class:

Make the velocity go to zero when the mouse isn’t moving – this should allow you to make “gestures” by starting/stopping the mouse –